The 1st motorsport battery in an OEM housing

The battery is characterized by 3 outstanding features:

  1. LiFePO4 cells
    • Depending on the model and requirements, the cells come from the leading manufacturers A123 and SDL. When developing the battery types, the intended use or application is always in the foreground. Based on this, a decision was made as to which cells and cell types should be considered. For example, the LithiumNEXT RACE40 uses a 4S4P cell package, whereas the TRACK60 is built with a 4S1P cell package.
  2. Battery Management System (BMS)
    • In addition to the cells, the configuration and quality of the BMS is another very important point to ensure that the batteries function properly. Here, too, the focus is on the purpose of use. A LiFePO4 battery, which is to be used in winter, for example, requires a different BMS than a battery that is used exclusively in motorsport. For this reason, depending on the model, different BMS configurations are used for the perfect battery for the respective application.
  3. OEM battery case
    • Many stress tests were carried out on the housing of the batteries. Again and again it became clear that an OEM battery case performs better than other cases and other materials made of, for example, GRP, aluminum or carbon. The focus here is primarily on thermal insulation from the outside as well as high break and impact resistance. In addition, the OEM case, with the standard battery shape that has been known for decades, offers the best prerequisites for easy replacement with a heavy original starter battery.
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  1. LithiumNEXT TRACK 80
    LithiumNEXT TRACK 80
  2. LithiumNEXT TRACK 60
    LithiumNEXT TRACK 60
  3. LithiumNEXT STREET 85
    LithiumNEXT STREET 85
  4. LithiumNEXT STREET 105
    LithiumNEXT STREET 105
  5. LithiumNEXT RACE 60
    LithiumNEXT RACE 60
  6. LithiumNEXT RACE 40
    LithiumNEXT RACE 40
  7. LithiumNEXT LiFePO4 charger
    LithiumNEXT LiFePO4 charger
  8. M-Adapter plate 278mm
    M-Adapter plate 278mm
  9. L-Adapter plate 315mm
    L-Adapter plate 315mm
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