Here we are trying to give you a rough idea of the threadsizes fitted on an airsuspension.

There are usually four different inch-threadsizes:1/8", 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2". This order splits from small (1/8") to big (1/2").

Since almost no one got a inch tape measure or a measureing slider with inch-divisions on hand we got the threads roughly measured and illustrated on the pictures below.

The displayed values are not 100% equal to the same fitting, therefore use theese values more as a guideline for a confitment!

R1/8" ~ 9.5mm

R1/4" ~ 12.8mm

R3/8" ~ 16.4mm

R1/2" ~ 20.5mm

Of cource there are many other threadsizes out there.

So if you measure a similiar measure, but it can not rotate absolutely into the other component, write us! We can help you out!