We are Streetec

Streetec GmbH was founded in August 2002 out of a passion for automobiles and tuning. In the very first years, Streetec already presented some spectacular cars at exhibitions and in the press, which were characterized by extensive custom works in suspension, body and wheels.

Over the years, Streetec has developed from a workshop to a suspension and electronics developer, manufacturer and sales specialist.

The passion from the early years for cars and tuning has been preserved and still drives the entire Streetec team. No matter whether in the area of administration, development, production, logistics or IT. Every employee stand behind the products and develops new ideas to make cars better, more beautiful and more individual.

The faces behind Streetec

Sven Stutz

After Sven got his graduation in high school with focus on electronics he finished university with a degree in mechanical engineering. After gaining valuable  knowledge for his future career path he did join Pirelli. With his deeply rooted passion for cars and tires this was a perfect match. Sven did develop skills in the Pirelli testing department, with a major focus on driving dynamics. One can imagine this has been a dream come true. Considering his early childhood passion for cars in general, this was more than a job. Sven did participate in countless international analytical studies which did nourish his desire to not only develop his own skills but also to leave his very own fingerprint on the market. 

In 2002 he did set up Streetec which gave him the chance to realize further projects in addition to his career at Pirelli. Even though he managed to build his own carreer and grow within Pirelli company, Sven eventually decided to fully dedicate himself on his own project: Streetec.  Together with his brother Michael, he agrees to focus on the growth and expansion of the company.

Michael Stutz

While his roots are in the crafts sector, Michael also has a strong passion for challenges and daring projects. In the course of time he participated in many commercial partnerships and did invest in multiple business sectors. Michael developed major skills in economics, gained entrepreneurial knowledge and expertise. In addition, he spend many years in gastronomy where he successfully established several restaurants and bars.

Michael has also a deeply rooted passion for cars, especially the American models. This is not only visible in the number of different cars he did invest in but also in the desire to customize and optimize these cars. His profound knowledge and expertise is a precious foundation which Streetec does rely on and benefit from.

The History

Streetec GmbH was born in August 2002 out of a passion for automobiles and tuning. Even in the first years, Streetec stood out from the crowd as a pioneer in the field of air suspension with some sensational car modifications. After the move to new business premises in Hoechst im Odenwald in 2007, the level of awareness increased and Streetec became one of the largest workshops for air suspension systems in the following years.

From 2013, a restructuring was carried out in line with the prevailing market conditions, which led to a reduction in the business areas and a concentration on the core competencies of suspensions and wheel/tire systems. In addition, the focus was gradually shifted from pure workshop work and sales. The next big step was the creation of an own online shop in 2015 and the takeover of the already established online shop null-bar in early 2016.

The logical consequence was the development of air suspension products under an own label. Together with KW automotive GmbH, the Streetec FAHRWairK air suspension line was created, which is currently the technically feasible optimum in the field of aftermarket air suspensions. A complete product portfolio of air suspension accessories was also offered under the FAHRWairK label. Furthermore, the Performance Airride with Bilstein shock absorbers was developed, which celebrated its world premiere at the Motor Show in Essen 2016 and offers an exceptionally good price-performance ratio. Air suspension conversion kits for H&R coilovers were developed under the brand name CCK Coilover Conversion Kit and Streetec's own label CLK Coilover Lift Kit was designed for vehicles with KW coilovers.

In the course of 2017, the focus was on expanding the null-bar dealer network. Many strong partners were convinced by the concept and represent the Streetec philisophy across borders.

Brand world

At Streetec, we are often asked how the various brands with which we are present on the market are connected. To put it simply, Streetec is the mother and all the other brands are her children!

Streetec GmbH is now home to some very well-known labels, first and foremost our null-bar trading platform.

The name null-bar primarily stands for the online store, which already has branches in several European countries and will expand intercontinentally in the future.

But the national and international dealer network is also part of the null-bar family, which includes more and more tuning companies and dealers. At null-bar, you will find a comprehensive, high-quality portfolio with fast delivery times and good conditions. Aftersales service is also a top priority at null-bar and guarantees satisfied customers.

The FAHRWairK brand stands for the technical optimum in the field of air suspensions. The suspensions developed and built together with KW Automotive are unrivaled worldwide in terms of materials, technology and fine-tuning.

The STREETEC 'performance' air-suspension was the first air-suspension from Streetec and now offers a wide range of high-quality suspensions at good prices. Shock absorbers from renowned European manufacturers are used.

The STREETEC 'road' air-suspension offers high-quality air suspension technology at reasonable prices.

The autoleveling label stands for the air suspension control systems from Streetec. It is precisely in this area that innovative new developments are created that can be regarded as a benchmark in the market.

The TACO label stands for the combination of tank and compressor in one housing. Thanks to the long development and testing phase, Streetec is able to offer a mature, reliable product.

The STREETEC ultraLOW is our first in-house development in the field of coilover suspensions. It offers maximum lowering combined with sporty handling and sufficient ride comfort.


One of Streetec's core strengths is the development area. The engineers work with the most modern systems to realize the future visions of the individual teams.

Through partnerships with companies such as KW automotive, Bilstein or ContiTech, Streetec has competent persons with whom even more complex projects can be implemented. This has already been shown in the past for many products that were enthusiastically received by the market.

Streetec's expertise is evident in all relevant areas, from construction to electronics and software development.

The latest CAD / FEM methods are used in the design and all products are developed on the computer. In the second step, prototypes are built using 3D printer technology to finally define the geometry of the components. The components can then go into pre-production. After approval by the development team, the industrialisation and series production take place.

In the electronics sector, Streetec develops its own control units for various applications. Here, too, state-of-the-art simulation software helps in development in order to bring mature, high-quality products to the market maturity as quickly as possible.

Software development primarily supports the area of control technology, but also brings its knowledge to bear in the areas of logistics and online shop. Thanks to the inhouse know how in this area too, all requirements can be reacted quickly.


Thanks to the high level of vertical integration and the cooperation with reliable, longstanding partners, Streetec can react flexibly and quickly to the requirements of sales and logistics.

The undercarriages of the own brands FAHRWairK, Performance Airride and kntrl are installed including the production of the air bellow units inhouse. With the existing experience, the production also carries out repair and service work on products from other manufacturers, such as Air Lift and AirForce.

In the electronics sector, products such as the DropX for OEM air suspensions or the Cruise-Safe 3.0 are added to the range of functions for the Air Lift 3P and 3H controls.

Of course, the kntrl - Auto Leveling air suspension control is also produced in this area. Starting with the circuit board, the wiring and the touchpad display.

Orientation in the future

What is Streetec planning for the future?

Streetec works on future projects in all areas, all of which are geared towards the goal of maximum customer satisfaction. This includes optimizations in development, production, sales, logistics and service.

Development is continously working on new and optimizing existing products. This department primarily deals with the construction of new undercarriages in the air suspension and coilover area. In addition to the tuning sector, which is still important, for some time now, projects in the off-road, commercial vehicle and vehicle enhancements for people with disabilities sectors have also been worked on. Control units for various applications are also configured and programmed here.

Production is continously expanded and optimized in all areas. This ensures that all components are available at the right place in time and can be installed. As a consequence, the sales department always has enough finished products available for a smooth process with short delivery times. In addition, the production works with a sophisticated quality system, which enables problems with components to be identified at an early stage and appropriate optimization process to be initiated.

Sales, logistics and service are gradually being converted to the latest CRM systems. On the one hand, this improves internal processes, and on the other hand, this results in even higher customer satisfaction in the areas of advice, sales, shipping and aftersales service.

The new company headquarter created in 2020 the necessary space for all departments and processes. The various work areas are systematically planned and are perfectly linked. This will make it possible for cross-departmental processes to be carried out even more effectively.

Streetec will further strengthen its market strength through additional acquisitions and contracts for distribution. The focus here is on suspension technology, but also illuminating new, interesting business areas in which Streetec can contribute its know how.

The topic of franchise is also being promoted in order to further strengthen loyal partner companies and to inspire new dealers and workshops for null-bar. This allows them to benefit from Streetec's image and market presence.