Golf 7 / Golf 8 (MQB and MQB-Evo platform)

While the two predecessors, VW Golf 5 and Golf 6, fundamentally had a multi-link rear axle, the VW Golf 7/Golf 8 and all its platform siblings now feature a second rear axle variant.

Here you can see the two different constructions:

Multi link rear axle

Torsion beam rear axle

Strut diameter Golf 5-8

The diameter of the front suspension strut must be determined for the clear indentification of the required suspension of all VW Golf 5 to Golf 8 as well all derivatives of the manufacturers Audi, Seat and Skoda.

There are two different version with 55 and 50mm diameter.

You have to measure this diameter at the original shock absorber at the mount where the damper is clamped in the wheel bearing housing.

You can take a closer look on these two pictures

Volkswagen Transporter Front Axle Mounting

The attachment of the shock absorber to the front axle varies in all VW Transporters due to different designs and vehicle weights. Here, a distinction is made between clamping and bracket attachment.

Here you can see the two different constructions: