"Who" or "what" is anti-roll? And what do I need this for?

This is one of the main-question for every airsuspension-beginner!

We try to explain the "anti-roll" itself and bring the benefits of an "Anti-roll-kit" closer to you.

Anyone who has ever driven a sporty chassis knows: "The sports suspension is much tighter on the road than a standard chassis" And thats exactly what the anti-roll kit is.

Unlike a conventional chassis with steel springs, a car with airsuspension is running on so-called air-springs.

"Spongy!" or "You cant drive low with that anyways!" -> Well known prejudices. You dont have to worry about that with an anti-roll-kit on your Airmanagement.

The "problem" with air-springs is merely the way in which the air is directed to the Y-connectors or T-connectors, in that way booth axles have the same air-supply... And thats the problem behind it!

When entering a curve, the curvilnear wheel is loaded more than the curvature, so the spring is compressed. In case of an airsuspension without anti-roll the air inside the air-spring on the curvilnear wheel is rolling to the curvature air-spring, that way the air-spring gets more air and lift even more upwards. That's the effect everyone calls about when they say its "spongy".

An anti-roll-kit prevents the air to roll arround when driving a curve and its even possible to drive on a sportive and low-state. You can find our anti-roll upgrade-kit here!

We got two short little animations to demonstrate this process: