Anti-roll / low driving-kit

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Whoever want to stand low, but also wants to drive on a low state have to install an anti-roll kit. At least for the front axle, but ideally both axles are equipped with our anti-roll kit. Our anti-roll kit is fully equipped and as small as possible.

"No cutting of tube pieces, no trowel"

Screw connections into the valves --> put the kit together --> done... Faster & cleaner it is hardly possible.


  • As few components as possible for maximum tightness
  • Small design for limited space requirements
  • Adjustable to valve size
  • high-quality materials
  • Fixed plugs for the same distance
  • Incl. Display connection


  • Only usable in conjunction with common 2/2 directional valves!
  • In order to be able to retrofit an antiwank, a separate hose is required from the valve blocks to the respective bellows!
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