STREETEC 'performance' air suspension kit

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max. front axle load: 1035kg | max. rear axle load: 1135kg

Including parts certificate for selected models, please check application list

The STREETEC 'performance' Airride is developed from Streetec in cooperation with one of the leading shock absorber manufacturer.

It will be delivered with dampers and air springs for the front and rear axle incl. all Fitting materials.

To run the kit you need an additional air management kit.


Consist of:

  • 2 x car specific shocks for front axle in short version
  • 2 x air springs for front axle with car specific brackets
  • 2 x car specific shocks for rear axle in short version
  • 2 x air springs for rear axle with car specific brackets
  • 2 x black leader hose for front axle
  • 4 x air fittings as chosen or related to the air management kit

Application list

ManufacturerModelEnginekW / PSCertification
MERCEDES-BENZS-KLASSE Stufenheck (W108, W109)250 S (108.012)96kW / 130PSYes
MERCEDES-BENZS-KLASSE Stufenheck (W108, W109)250 SE (108.014)110kW / 150PSYes
MERCEDES-BENZS-KLASSE Stufenheck (W108, W109)280 S (108.016)103kW / 140PSYes
MERCEDES-BENZS-KLASSE Stufenheck (W108, W109)280 SE, SEL (108.018, 108.019)118kW / 160PSYes
MERCEDES-BENZS-KLASSE Stufenheck (W108, W109)280 SE, SEL 3.5 (108.057, 108.058)147kW / 200PSYes
MERCEDES-BENZHECKFLOSSE (W110)190 C (110.010)59kW / 80PSNo
MERCEDES-BENZHECKFLOSSE (W110)200 (110.010)61kW / 83PSNo
MERCEDES-BENZHECKFLOSSE (W110)230 (110.011)77kW / 105PSNo
MERCEDES-BENZHECKFLOSSE (W110)190 DC (110.110)40kW / 54PSNo
MERCEDES-BENZHECKFLOSSE (W110)200 D (110.110)40kW / 55PSNo
MERCEDES-BENZCABRIOLET (W111, W112)220 SEB (111.023)88kW / 120PSNo
MERCEDES-BENZCABRIOLET (W111, W112)280 SE 3.5 (111.025)147kW / 200PSNo
MERCEDES-BENZCOUPE (W111, W112)220 SEB (111.021)88kW / 120PSNo
MERCEDES-BENZCOUPE (W111, W112)250 SE (111.021)110kW / 150PSNo
MERCEDES-BENZCOUPE (W111, W112)280 SE (111.024)118kW / 160PSNo
MERCEDES-BENZCOUPE (W111, W112)280 SE 3.5 (111.026)147kW / 200PSNo
MERCEDES-BENZHECKFLOSSE (W111, W112)220 B (111.010)70kW / 95PSNo
MERCEDES-BENZHECKFLOSSE (W111, W112)220 SB (111.012)81kW / 110PSNo
MERCEDES-BENZHECKFLOSSE (W111, W112)220 SEB (111.014)88kW / 120PSNo
MERCEDES-BENZHECKFLOSSE (W111, W112)230 S (111.010)88kW / 120PSNo
MERCEDES-BENZHECKFLOSSE (W111, W112)300 SE (112.014, 112.015)118kW / 160PSNo
MERCEDES-BENZHECKFLOSSE (W111, W112)300 SE (112.021, 112.023)125kW / 170PSNo
More Information
Part Number 503 024 01 - MERCEDES BENZ W108