STREETEC autoleveling airmanagement

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STREETEC autoleveling

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For the interface we have chosen a LCD control panel with capacitive touchscreen, which features multi-touch support and haptic feedback to provide the user with a pleasant feeling during operation.


For the first time you have the possibility to set up to 3 driver profiles in your airmanagement, which can be personalized for each user.


Our system has an integrated 6-axis acceleration sensor, which in combination with the software, allows the processing of a speed signal through which various additional functions such as the cruise safe can be controlled.


For the STREETEC autoleveling only components are used which meet our high quality standards, this also applies to the supplied pressure sensors, these can be mounted directly in the specially developed pressure sensor block or optionally externally.


Furthermore, the STREETEC autoleveling has connections for height sensors which can be installed optionally, the integrated sensor tool makes the adjustment of the height sensors very easy.


The system can be operated with our Valve4 valve block or optionally with commercially available magnet valves from for example a manual control, so there is the possibility of a cost-effective upgrade from a paddle switch control to a modern system.  


The programmed overshoot control slightly exceeds the requested pressure range and then corrects to the correct pressure in small steps, this allows a more accurate adjustment of the height.


Another feature is the crossload monitoring this adjusts the pressure per axis and thus solves the well-known problem of diagonal lifting, which often causes an inaccurate setting of the desired height.


Well-known functions such as Rise-on-Start, tank pressure monitoring and compressor control via the control panel have also found their way into our airmanagement.


Another highlight is the level function, which allows you to level your vehicle on uneven surfaces.


The functions of the already on the market established Cruise-Safe are used by many air suspension drivers for years by now, with the STREETEC autoleveling you can use these functions without an additional module (more about this, see below).


Not only the development of the hardware took a lot of time and effort, but also the software and the associated mobile app required a lot of work from our team, but the final product is more than worth it. You have the possibility to connect your smartphone via Bluetooth® with your STREETEC autoleveling and control your suspension comfortably via the app, also updates will be done easily via smartphone through the app in the future.

We are proud to announce that the STREETEC autoleveling is the world's first air suspension control system that is 100% ECE-R10 approved and therefore 100% legal to use in road traffic.

Functions and features:

High-resolution LCD control panel with capacitive touch screen, multi-touch support and haptic feedback.

Storable settings for different drivers

Integrated 6-axis accelerometer

External, robust pressure sensors

Connections for optional height sensors

Control of market standard solenoid valves

Adjustable overshoot control

Crossload monitoring

Rise-on-Start function

Level function for leveling the vehicle

Tank pressure monitoring

Compressor control

Integrated cruise-safe functionality

Possibility to process a speed signal to control various additional functions

Sensor tool for easy installation of height sensors

Mobile app with Bluetooth® connection

OTA update ready (via mobile app)

ECE-R10 approved. All electrical products which are mounted on cars need this approval!

Integrated cruise-safe functions:

1.) integrated §19.3 Kit
According to the certifications for airsuspensions you need an alarm for too low or too high air-pressure in the air springs. This alarm functionality is integrated in the STREETEC autoleveling and observes each wheel individually.

2.) Cruise-Safe functionality
With the Cruise-Safe functionality the car can be lowered only to a flexible, pre-defined airpressure. This pressure can be set for the front- and the rear-axle independently. With that functionality you can exclude the risk for damages due to missuse of the system by too much lowering.

3.) „Don’t play and drive“  function

The most certifications for airride-systems require that the airsuspension is not adjustable while driving. With the Air Lift 3P / 3H control, this is usually difficult to achieve, since the control and the prescribed pressure display are supplied by a control unit.

The STREETEC autoleveling now offers 3 different options to prevent adjustability while driving and still keep the pressure display activated.

-Input for 12V handbrake or alternator signal

-Input for speed signal (especially the best solution for modern vehicles)

-Through a signal that is supplied by the internal accelerometer and processed by the software 

Our STREETEC autoleveling airmanagement includes:

ECU & Touchscreen Kit incl. Harnesses

Valve4 Kit incl. Fittingpack

Height sensor kit (optional)

Water trap incl. Fittingpack and Mounting-kit

Electrical installation kit incl. Relais and Mounting-kit for Relais

Pressure sensor kit

Tank connection kit

Tubecutter 0-14mm

Compressor(s) of your choice

Air Tank(s) of your choice

Air hose of your choice

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