STREETEC Cruise-Safe Kit

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When you air out your car looks nice, but you can´t find the perfect 'cruise height'?
Simply touch the button and the chassis stops at the set cruise height? Yes, that would be great!!! 
An expensive level control too inconvenient and costly? Then you need our Cruise-Safe Kit!


This kit can be retrofitted to any manual electric control, whether 2/2way valves, whether anti-sway and of course also with 3/5way valves!

How does the kit work?

When the kit is turned on and you hold down the button, your chassis will descend exactly to a preset bag pressure. No matter how long you press the button! Only when you turn it off you can lower completely. So after every normal ride you´ll always find the perfect depth, for cool cruising.

  • The depth is of course adjustable
  • .
  • The ride quality of the chassis is not affected
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  • Of course, an easy-to-understand wiring diagram is included
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