EPL-Kit (Cruise-Safe 2.0) for Air-Lift / Accuair systems

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EPL-Kit – Electro-Pneumatic-Limiter

The electro-pneumatic limiter is alsmost the Cruise-Safe Kit 2.0! In most situation it replaces the well-known rubber limiters on the shock absorbers. And instead of having to screw for hours to install or remove, you can activate and deactivate the electro-pneumatic limiter with a simple switch from the inside.

Activated system:
You have the full functionality of your airsuspension including the pressure gauge, which naturally drops to 0.0bar when you lower your car. BUT: Your vehicle will only lower to a pre-set pressure (the limiter pressure)

Deactivated system:
You have the unrestired functionality of your airsuspension including complete lowering without limitations.

The installation is done within a very short time and completly retrofittable. Also, a hidden installation is very easy to implement due to the modular structure.

This system generates, of course, no errors on the Air Lift controllers!


You can get the system in many configurations for airsuspension with Air Lift controls as well as manual control including a anti-roll kit. An adaption of the air tube within the EPL kit is also possible.

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Part Number EPL_01