Cruise-Safe 3 EVO for Air Lift 3P/3H

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Cruise-Safe Kit 3 EVO

The Cruise-Safe Kit 3 EVO is a fast and easy to install Plug&Play system which adds some interesting
features to your Air Lift Performance 3P/3H management. The kit can be activated and deactivated
with a switch you can mount wherever you want.


1) Integrated §19.3 kit
According to the certifications for airsuspensions you need an alarm for too low or too high air-pressure
in the air springs. This alarm functionality is integrated in the Cruise-Safe kit and observes each wheel individually.

2) Cruise-Safe functionality
With the Cruise-Safe functionality the car can be lowered only to a flexible, pre-defined airpressure.
This pressure can be set for the front- and the rear-axle independently. With that
functionality you can exclude the risk for damages due to missuse of the system by too much

3)"Don’t play and drive" function
The most certifications for airride-systems require that the airsuspension could not be adjustable while driving. With the Air Lift 3P / 3H control, this is usually difficult to achieve, since the control and the prescribed pressure display are supplied by a control unit.

The Cruise-Safe 3 EVO now offers 2 different options to prevent adjustability while driving and still keep the pressure display activated.

-Input for 12V handbrake or alternator signal

-Input for speed signal (especially the best solution for modern vehicles)

A complete, preconfigured cable harness and an additional USB cable for programming is included in the scope of delivery.


The adjustment and activation of the different features can bemanaged by an easy to use PC

software via an USB-port. Including all required cables.


Please note: 

We cannot guarantee the full functionality of the Cruise-Safe 3EVO with future software upgrades of the Air Lift 3P system. For this reason we highly recommend not to update your 3P system without approval from our side!

Approved software version from Air Lift: ECU V1.4.0 | Display V1.3.0

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