STREETEC ultraLOW Coilovers 50mm

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Without approval in the area of the StVZO

For vehicles with a strut clamp diameter on the front axle of 50mm


Bilstein Monotube technology

Whether driving in poor driving conditions, sporty driving, or competitive motorsports, our monotube technology provides greater damping power due to the larger surface area of the piston. This results in improved handling, consistent performance, and longer service life.

Upside-Down technology for the front axle

Both the support and lateral forces are distributed across a larger area than in twin-tube systems, and the torsional strength of the connection between the wheel and vehicle body is increased.

2 part spring system

The 2 piece spring system is coming straight out of the race sport. It guarantees the best performance in all driving conditions.

Aluminium top mount

The aluminium top mounts give the flexibility with a maximum adjustability of the camber, a very precise steering performance and a high reliabilty.

Bilstein-Triple-C Technology ®

BILSTEIN-Triple-C-Technology® is a high-performance, three layer coating. It has been specially developed for effective corrosion protection for our coilover suspensions, and has been subjected to grueling DIN 50021 SS salt spray endurance testing. Over 600 hours in the salt spray chamber proved to be no problem for our special coating.

Made in Germany

Consist of:

  • 2 x adjustable unibal top-mounts
  • 2 x car specific shocks in short version with race spring system for front axle
  • 2 x car specific shocks for rear axle in short version
  • 2 x race spring system for rear axle with car specific brackets
  • 2 x sway bar link
  • spanner wrench set

Application list

ManufacturerModelEnginekW / PSCertification
AudiA1 CITY CARVER (GBH)25 TFSI70 kW / 95 PSNo
AudiA1 CITY CARVER (GBH)30 TFSI85 kW / 116 PSNo
AudiA1 CITY CARVER (GBH)35 TFSI110 kW / 150 PSNo
AudiA1 Sportback (GBA)25 TFSI70 kW / 95 PSNo
AudiA1 Sportback (GBA)30 TFSI85 kW / 116 PSNo
AudiA1 Sportback (GBA)35 TFSI110 kW / 150 PSNo
AudiA1 Sportback (GBA)40 TFSI147 kW / 200 PSNo
ManufacturerModelEnginekW / PSCertification
SeatIBIZA V (KJ1)1.048 kW / 65 PSNo
SeatIBIZA V (KJ1)1.055 kW / 75 PSNo
SeatIBIZA V (KJ1)1.0 MPi59 kW / 80 PSNo
SeatIBIZA V (KJ1)1.0 TGI66 kW / 90 PSNo
SeatIBIZA V (KJ1)1.0 TSI70 kW / 95 PSNo
SeatIBIZA V (KJ1)1.0 TSI81 kW / 110 PSNo
SeatIBIZA V (KJ1)1.0 TSI85 kW / 115 PSNo
SeatIBIZA V (KJ1)1.5 TSI110 kW / 150 PSNo
SeatIBIZA V (KJ1)1.6 TDI59 kW / 80 PSNo
SeatIBIZA V (KJ1)1.6 TDI70 kW / 95 PSNo
SeatIBIZA V (KJ1)1.6 TDI85 kW / 115 PSNo
ManufacturerModelEnginekW / PSCertification
VolkswagenPOLO (AW1, BZ1)1.048 kW / 65 PSNo
VolkswagenPOLO (AW1, BZ1)1.055 kW / 75 PSNo
VolkswagenPOLO (AW1, BZ1)1.0 MPi59 kW / 80 PSNo
VolkswagenPOLO (AW1, BZ1)1.0 TGI66 kW / 90 PSNo
VolkswagenPOLO (AW1, BZ1)1.0 TSI70 kW / 95 PSNo
VolkswagenPOLO (AW1, BZ1)1.0 TSI85 kW / 115 PSNo
VolkswagenPOLO (AW1, BZ1)1.5 TSI110 kW / 150 PSNo
VolkswagenPOLO (AW1, BZ1)2.0 GTI147 kW / 200 PSNo
VolkswagenPOLO (AW1, BZ1)1.6 TDI59 kW / 80 PSNo
VolkswagenPOLO (AW1, BZ1)1.6 TDI70 kW / 95 PSNo
More Information
Additional Text VW Polo AW - WITH adjustable top mount
Part Number BUL07