Streetec headquarter 2020

Streetec headquarter 2020

In March 2020, after a year of construction, we were able to move into our new company headquarters.

The necessary space was created for all departments and processes in the new building. The various work areas have been systematically planned and perfectly linked. It is now possible to process cross-departmental processes even more effectively.

Benefits of the new headquarter building

Development is continuously working on new and optimizing existing products. This department primarily deals with the construction of new undercarriages in the air and thread area. In addition to the tuning area, which is still interesting, we have been working on projects in the off-road, commercial vehicle and disabled vehicle sectors for some time now. Control units for various applications are also configured and programmed here.

Production is continuously expanded and optimized in all areas. This ensures that all components are available at the right place in time and can be installed.As a consequence, the sales department always has enough finished products available for a smooth process with short delivery times. In addition, production works with a sophisticated quality system, which enables problems with components to be identified at an early stage and appropriate optimization processes to be initiated.

Sales, logistics and service will be converted to the latest CRM systems. On the one hand, this improves the internal processes, on the other hand, thereby achieving even higher customer satisfaction in the areas of advice, sales, shipping and aftersales support.