ST Suspension - As individual as never before

ST Suspension - As individual as never before

From now on you can customize your ST suspensions coilover kit and adapt it to your individual needs. For example you can select your favorite spring colour out of many options or add an additional marking on the springs. For an additional individualization of your spring setup we also offer optional racing spring kits in different spring rates and lengths for our XTA coilover kits.

1. Option

Choose from numerous colours

From now on you can choose the spring colour of your ST coilover kits. We deliver your springs in your favorite colour! We coat your suspension springs in the colour of your choice!

Select your colour:




Height adj. springs.

Standard ST Yellow

RAL: 1021

Luminous yellow

RAL: 1026

Pearl gold

RAL: 1036

Pastel orange

RAL: 2003

Luminous orange

RAL: 2005

Ruby red

RAL: 3003

Traffic red

RAL: 3020

Signal violet

RAL: 4008


RAL: 4010

Ultramarine blue

RAL: 5002

Light blue

RAL: 5012

Water blue

RAL: 5021

Yellow green

RAL: 6018

Mint green

RAL: 6029

Light grey

RAL: 7035

Signal white

RAL: 9003

Jet black

RAL: 9005

Grey aluminium

RAL: 9007

2. Option

Individual spring marking

"Create your individual spring with an additional spring marking of up to 25 letters which will be printed on a separate winding below the tüv marking."

3. Option

Optional racing spring packages

For xta coilover kits you can order additional racing spring packages in different spring rates and lengths to further adapt the setup of your ST suspension kit. The optional racing spring packages can also be equipped with individual spring colour and marking.

Thanks to various spring rates and lengths we offer the right racing spring package for you - guaranteed.