Air Lift Performance air suspension kit

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ManufacturerModelEnginekW / PS
BMW3 (E36)316 i73kW / 100PS
BMW3 (E36)316 i75kW / 102PS
BMW3 (E36)318 i83kW / 113PS
BMW3 (E36)318 i85kW / 115PS
BMW3 (E36)318 i103kW / 140PS
BMW3 (E36)318 is103kW / 140PS
BMW3 (E36)318 is103kW / 140PS
BMW3 (E36)320 i110kW / 150PS
BMW3 (E36)323 i125kW / 170PS
BMW3 (E36)325 i141kW / 192PS
BMW3 (E36)328 i142kW / 193PS
BMW3 (E36)M3 3.0210kW / 286PS
BMW3 (E36)M3 3.2236kW / 321PS
BMW3 (E36)318 tds66kW / 90PS
BMW3 (E36)325 td85kW / 115PS
BMW3 (E36)325 tds105kW / 143PS
BMW3 Cabriolet (E36)318 i85kW / 115PS
BMW3 Cabriolet (E36)320 i110kW / 150PS
BMW3 Cabriolet (E36)323 i125kW / 170PS
BMW3 Cabriolet (E36)325 i141kW / 192PS
BMW3 Cabriolet (E36)328 i142kW / 193PS
BMW3 Cabriolet (E36)M3 3.0210kW / 286PS
BMW3 Cabriolet (E36)M3 3.2236kW / 321PS
BMW3 Coupe (E36)316 i75kW / 102PS
BMW3 Coupe (E36)318 is103kW / 140PS
BMW3 Coupe (E36)318 is103kW / 140PS
BMW3 Coupe (E36)320 i110kW / 150PS
BMW3 Coupe (E36)323 i125kW / 170PS
BMW3 Coupe (E36)325 i141kW / 192PS
BMW3 Coupe (E36)325 is141kW / 192PS
BMW3 Coupe (E36)328 i142kW / 193PS
BMW3 Coupe (E36)M3 3.0210kW / 286PS
BMW3 Coupe (E36)M3 3.0217kW / 295PS
BMW3 Coupe (E36)M3 3.2236kW / 321PS
BMW3 Touring (E36)316 i75kW / 102PS
BMW3 Touring (E36)318 i85kW / 116PS
BMW3 Touring (E36)320 i110kW / 150PS
BMW3 Touring (E36)323 i125kW / 170PS
BMW3 Touring (E36)328 i142kW / 193PS
BMW3 Touring (E36)318 tds66kW / 90PS
BMW3 Touring (E36)325 tds105kW / 143PS
More Information
Additional Text BMW E36
Part Number 75536_75636