Accuair e-Level+ Touchpad

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AccuAir's e-Level+ Touchpad is a phycisal controller that can be added to an existing AccuAir e+ Connect Wireless Controller. So if you're looking to slowly upgrade to the complete AccuAir e-Level+ System, this is the controller for you.

AccuAir's updated e-Level+ TouchPad has an improved design that features a stainless steel case, compressor status indicator, and cable routing that allows for both handheld and panel mounting. The e-Level+ TouchPad's stainless steel case allows for easy mounting to various magnetic phone and controller mounts. The compressor status light on the e-Level+ TouchPad will display when your compressor is running.


  • Stainless steel case that allows for use of magnetic mounts
  • Compressor status indicator light (only available if you're also using the AccuAir e-Level+ ECU)


  • AccuAir e-Level+ TouchPad
  • 20ft TouchPad harness
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Part Number ACC_00029